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School Uniform


It is expected that your child will wear the correct school uniform (inc. shoes) every day. Any exceptions need to be discussed with the Headteacher.

Sweatshirts with the school logo embroidered on them are available from Top Form’ (Monkhouse) in Rochdale and Bury.  Hoodies for P.E. with the school logo on them are available through school.

PLEASE NOTE - it is not an expectation that pupils wear school branded uniform - we provide the option only for parents who wish to buy it.


Monkhouse Parent Guide

School ties are available from the school office.



Standard  Uniform





P.E. Kit

All children need a change of clothing for P.E. and Games. On P.E. days pupils are allowed to wear their P.E. kit for school though it is important that pupils are still well presented and wearing the correct P.E. kit/uniform at all times.     

  • Black pumps
  • Navy shorts/joggers
  • White T-shirt
  • Trainers and training pants and school hoodie for outdoor games

Where not worn to school, P.E. kits must be in a drawstring bag and left in school for use every day. Each class has timetabled lessons for P.E. but occasionally kit may be needed for extra sports. 

The cloakrooms are not big enough to accommodate large sports bags so please do not allow your child to bring one to school.

Branded shirts, football shirts and tracksuits should not be worn.

All clothing and belongings should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.



P.E.  Timetable