I can look at the sources to form conclusions and ask questions.

I can describe some of the key punishments used in the Tudor period.

I can explain what the main changes in punishment were from Romans to Tudors and explain why these happened.

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Benamin · 13th November 2019 at 2:19 pm

Source one is called the brank and is for gossiping women.
Source two is called the stock and humiliates the user by people throwing rotten vegetables at them.
Source three is called the duking stool and is used by apparent witches. If you floated you were guilty so they would chop off your hands and feet. if you sank, you were innocent but dead anyway.
Source four is called the rack and stretches you till you talk. it was used to torture people for information.
Source five is called the drunkards cloak and you would wear it if you were drunk and stupid.
All these punishments were carried out in public to embarrass and humiliate people.


Bella · 13th November 2019 at 2:49 pm

Source 1 is called the brank. It was placed on a woman’s head as a punishment for gossiping.

Source 2 is called the pillory. It humiliates the criminal by making them sit down with there hands and legs trapped inside of the holes. Many people who saw them used to throw rotten vegetables at them.

Source 3 is called the ducking stool. This was used as a kind of trial for women who were accused of being a witch. If they floated, they were guilty and they were burnt at the stake. If they sank, they were innocent……..but dead.

Source 4 is called the rack and it was used to torture and get information out of people’s mouths if they didn’t confess the wanted words.

Source 5 is called the drunkard’s cloak. This was a huge barrel with holes for your arms and head and it was worn by people who were drunk and being too loud.

These punishments are different from today’s punishment s because they were used to humiliate and embarrass outlaws.


BEN TARPEY · 13th November 2019 at 3:08 pm

I APSOULUTELY LOVED THIS ASSEMBLY!! Being a roman general was fun because I got to boss people about! Dick Turpin was even better that was fun!!


Callum Gray Y6 · 13th November 2019 at 3:15 pm

Source 1:Source 1 is the Brank, the Brank is a helmet that is put on gossiping women, there is a spike inside that goes into the mouth and stops the woman from talking. The Brank is wore for a week when the woman is out in public

Source 2: This is the stocks, the stocks is an item that is used to humiliate. the criminals head and arms are put into tight holes and members of the public throw rotten food at them.

Source 3: This is the ducking stool, when someone is claimed to be a witch they tie their toe to their wrist and chuck them in the river. if they float then they are a witch, if they sink then they are innocent. (but dead)

Source 4: this is the rack and this is used to torture people who don’t confess that they committed a crime.

Source 5: This is called the drunkard’s cloak, it is a huge barrel with holes for your arms and head if you were drunk, this was used to humiliate.


Daisy and Evie · 14th November 2019 at 1:20 pm

Source 1: source 1 is called the Brank, the Brank was used for gossiping women it was a helmet. There is a bar that goes in the mouth to stop the woman from talking, there wore it for a week in public.
Source 2: This is the stocks, This was used to embarrass the criminals, there arms are put in holes and rotten foods are thrown at the criminals.
Source 3: The ducking stool, When someone is claimed to be a witch they would tie your toe to you wrist and throw you in a river, if you float you are guilt and if you drown you are innocent and dead
Source 4: This is the rack and it was used to tortcher people
Source 5: this is called a drunkards cloak and it was used for for drunk people in public.

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