This blog post will act as a learning forum for pupils and parents providing a single point of contact for questions or queries about the work children have been set through the school website.

This is an important year and I would encourage pupils to try and ensure that (unless unwell) they practice a range of skills daily while at home:

  • 30 min reading (ideally with an adult)
  • Maths: Children have a copy of their Maths Passport to practise. Children will be familiar with creating a part whole model and to then write number sentences to represent the model. These could be done with any number! Writing several numbers in a line and putting them in order either smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest. Practising 2s, 5s and 10s. Using vocabulary such as represent, more than, less than, altogether, in total, difference, tens and ones.
  • Writing: Any opportunity to practise writing sentences- write a sentence about the weather today, about a film they may have watched, of their dream holiday, what job they want to do when they’re older, about a dream they may have had, what they like to do at the park, what they would buy with a million pounds, what rules they would come up with if they were a headteacher. Anything they enjoy writing about! Simply showing your child a picture of something could inspire them to write a sentence. Pobble 365 is a brilliant website which offers a new picture daily, access the website here. 
  • Focus points when writing sentences- handwriting, adjectives, conjunctions, challenging them with their vocabulary – offering alternative words (if they were to write the word ‘good’, ask your child if they could think of synonyms such as ‘excellent’ or ‘amazing’). Encourage your child to apply their phonics knowledge by sounding out as much as they can.
  • Phonics: Ask children to voice when they recognise any digraphs or trigraphs within words. There are lots of phonics activities included in the pack and also lots of phonics resources available online including Phonics Play which is free at the moment, access this here.
  • We would normally be learning about plants in Science so take advantage of any nice weather we get to go outside and explore!
  • Timelines are a crucial aspect of History, look at old photos and create a family timeline or a family tree. Discuss how things have changed over the years- toys, holidays, travel, fashion, school and home life.
  • Carry out a material hunt around the house and discuss what things are made of.
  • Keep active, fit and healthy with a range of activities for 30 minutes a day. Joe Wicks is doing a free interactive workout every Monday- Friday morning from 9am on his you tube channel. Or why not try some cosmic yoga.
  • Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying fun science experiments, cool facts, online games and lots of free activities. Click here 
  • Talking! As this is such an uncertain time for all of us it is more important than ever to speak with your child as you go about your daily routines to model correct speech and new vocabulary. Commentate on what you are doing at home and encourage them to help out with daily chores and activities such as cleaning, baking, cooking and washing.


I look forward to reading parent and pupil comments about what you have been up to…

Parents can also view relevant whole school updates on the school website homepage.


I will keep a regular eye on comments made within this post and respond where appropriate.

For any other queries, my email address is Emails will be replied to within school hours.

Miss Forbes

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