Today Heap Bridge Sports Leaders went to St Luke’s Primary School to work alongside their Sports Leaders for a training session. This was a great opportunity for the pupils to work together as leaders.

The first task was to consider what makes a good leader. The pupils worked in pairs to determine the characteristics of a good leader and how these would impact on others. The pairs worked brilliantly and came up with some excellent ideas! They then listened to a presentation by Mr Tomkins, which outlined traits of a good leader (many which the children had already identified) as well as some examples of both good and bad leaders.

The second task was to identify the characteristics of an effective session. To do this the children considered PACE:

Participants – Who is taking part? How are the participants going to be organised?

Area – What area will be used for the session? How will the area be marked out?

Communication – What types of communication will be used with the participants?

Equipment – What equipment will be needed in the session?

This was followed by a practical session from Mr Tomkins, where the pupils played a range of short games in teams.

The final task before lunch was to plan a warm up for a Year 2 class in small teams. The teams were made up of a mix of St Luke’s and Heap Bridge pupils and they worked very well together. In the plan, they identified all the different areas of PACE and how they had considered each aspect.

After lunch came the biggest challenge of the day where the Sports Leaders had to lead a warm up session without any staff support. They did themselves and their schools incredibly proud! All the teams were well planned, the sessions ran very smoothly and most importantly the Year 2 pupils enjoyed all the warm up activities.

To further extend their skills, the Sports Leaders were then in a supportive role for John, a coach from Lancashire Cricket in delivering his lesson.

This was a very successful day and the Sports Leaders really enjoyed all the sessions which was evidenced in their feedback forms.

A huge thanks to Mr Tomkins for delivering the training and to Mrs Farrall for allowing us to use St Luke’s facilities.

We look forward to seeing the Sports Leaders develop over the course of the school year.




Bella · 5th November 2019 at 3:11 pm

Spending the day at St Lukes was very fun. I made some new friends and gained knowledge of how to be a good sports leader.


Callum Gray Y6 · 5th November 2019 at 3:12 pm

I think that this was really beneficial and am glad that i was given the opportunity. I enjoyed being taught on how to be a great role model as a sports leader. Thank you to Mrs Wallsworth And Mr Tomkins.


daisy · 20th November 2019 at 5:42 pm

it looks like you all had great fun well done to the sport leaders!

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