This blog post will act as a learning forum for pupils and parents providing a single point of contact for questions or queries about the work children have been set through the school website.

This is an important year and I would encourage pupils to try and ensure that (unless unwell) they practice a range of skills daily while at home:

  • Talking! As this is such an uncertain time for all of us it is more important than ever to speak with your child as you go about your daily routines to model correct speech and new vocabulary. Commentate on what you are doing at home and encourage them to help out with daily chores and activities such as cleaning, baking, cooking and washing.
  • 20/30 minute daily reading to an adult. Please continue to hear your child read their reading books as extra have now been sent home. Sharing books with your child is also important so please read their Bookflix books and any other stories to them each day.
  • Phonics-please continue to work through your child’s phoneme book, sharing the rhymes and writing down some of the words in your school closure pack. There is also a free subscription to Phonics play at the moment; any games in Phase 2 and Phase 3 will support your child. You can follow the link here
  • Maths PassportsYour child has brought home a copy of their current and future passport. Please continue to practice the skills listed and use the ideas on the back page to support them. Cbeebies Numberblocks is also something we have shared at school and these episodes can be found here
  • Tapestry-This will be our communication and I would encourage you to add any photographs showing evidence of your child completing the activities listed above. I will also be suggesting further activities to be completed in due course.

I look forward to reading parent and pupil comments about what you have been up to…

Parents can also view relevant whole school updates on the school website homepage.

I will keep a regular eye on comments made on Tapestry and within this post and respond where appropriate.

Take care

Mrs Brierley


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