In RE this week Year 1 have loved learning all about what it means to be Jewish and what Jewish people believe. Looking at the key vocabulary, seeing pictures of different objects and understanding how they relate to the faith helped us develop our knowledge around Judaism.

We also had the opportunity to see a special artefact and understand the symbolisation of it. We learned all about the Menorah and the story of Hanukkah. Miss Forbes was really impressed with how Year 1 remembered key words such as Torah, Synagogue and Shabbat and could discuss what they meant.

Luckily, Miss Forbes knows someone who can make delicious Jewish bread so we had a wonderful treat trying it! We understand how Jewish people enjoy this bread during Sabbath which begins on a Friday and ends after sunset on Saturday.

We then had a go at drawing anything we could remember and writing any of the key words we had understood throughout the lesson. Our favourite symbol to draw was the Star of David which we know represents Judaism.

Miss Forbes also has some traditional Jewish sweet treats that are being saved until Friday- treat day!

Well done Year 1!

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Evie Psaila · 15th January 2020 at 8:06 pm

WOW year one. That bread looks yummy!!!!!! Tori said she loves the bread.

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