Year 6. Science investigation

This afternoon, the children were exploring the question “ Do certain factors affect the spin of a motor?” They planned their experiment and then carried it out, concluding their findings at the end of the lesson. Well done Year 6, some great investigation work.

Super Science Workshop!

Reception and Key Stage One were amazed this morning by Adrian Bowden who demonstrated some exciting experiments and talked about properties of materials. They tested to see what would be the most waterproof material, discovered what material would make the softest cushion and mixed liquids to create enormous bubbles.

Chocolate Investigation in Year 4

This afternoon, Year 4 continued their Science unit for this half term – ‘States of Matter’. They began with a discussion about what makes materials change state and explored the melting and freezing points of different materials. Then it was time for the chocolate investigation! Firstly, they recorded the equipment they Read more…

Year 4 Animations

This half-term, Year 4’s Computing unit is Multimedia and their last two lessons have focused on Animation. Last week they looked at the history of animation and discovered that before animation was widely understood, there were many inventions and devices that fascinated people by seeming to merge images or make Read more…

Year Two Scientists

Floating and Sinking. We have been looking at different types of materials in science. In our experiment we have been looking at whether materials float or sink. We all predicted what we thought would happen first and then completed our experiment to check if we were right. We concluded that Read more…

Spring flowers

A huge thank you to our parent governor Mrs O’Donoghue for giving up her time to come and help us plant some bulbs this afternoon. Reception were able to talk about the different parts of the flowers and know how to care for the plants in the coming weeks.

Year 5 Recycle4Schools Talk

This morning, Year 5 children had a visit from Rochdale Recycling Team. Children learnt about the different recycling bins and took part in many activities and quizzes. The children learnt a lot about recycling and will now take part in the recycling challenge. Further information about this can be found on Read more…