Sculpture in Year 2

This term in art we are learning about the work of Pippa Hill, this week we have been practicing our techniques; rolling, pulling, carving, creating holes and joining the clay. We will be designing and making our own sculptures.

Super Science Workshop!

Reception and Key Stage One were amazed this morning by Adrian Bowden who demonstrated some exciting experiments and talked about properties of materials. They tested to see what would be the most waterproof material, discovered what material would make the softest cushion and mixed liquids to create enormous bubbles.

Christmas Fun in Year 2

We have had a busy week so far, yesterday morning we were getting ready for our party, making party hats, decorating place mats and then had lots of fun at our Christmas party. Today we had a special visitor … Father Christmas! The children were very lucky and all received Read more…

Pizza Making in Year 2

We have been developing our understanding of healthy eating and having a balanced diet. We have also been learning about hygiene and the importance of hand washing. To end this topic, the children have designed and made a pizza, taking into consideration their new knowledge.

Key Stage 1 Nativity

This week we performed our production, ‘The Midwife Crisis’ for our parents, grandparents and other family members. We are very proud of our talented pupils who have worked hard to make  the play a huge success. Thank you for your continued support.

Making a Christmas decoration

In Year 2 we have been getting ready for Christmas, whilst developing our understanding of writing instructions. We have made Christmas decorations to make our classroom tree look beautiful, follow our instructions below if you would also like to make Christmas decorations for your tree.

Healthy eating in Year 2

In Year 2, we have been learning about the eatwell plate and a variety of different foods. We looked at the children’s dinners and plotted them on the eatwell plate. The children then analysed their dinner, explaining where improvements could be made and identifying if they had a balanced meal. Read more…

Black History Month

October is Black History Month in the UK and it has been celebrated nationwide for nearly 40 years. This month was founded to recognise the contributions that all black  people have made to this country over many generations.

In our English lessons we have been doing work around the film ‘Song of the Sea’. The children have been working hard to develop alliteration and interesting vocabulary into their sentences. We had a magical chest in our classroom, just like the one in the film. Using our senses we Read more…

Year 2 Scientists

Today we completed an experiment to discover the importance of hygiene. We made our own ‘germs’ using glitter and hand sanitizer. Three children had ‘germs’ on their hand and after 5 minutes the ‘germs’ had spread onto everybody else. We demonstrated how ‘germs’ spread when we sneeze and how they Read more…

Wellbeing & Mindfulness

This term we have all been practising methods to increase our self awareness and self confidence through breathing and movement,  yoga techniques, peer massage and relaxation. Emotionally unwinding allows us to stay healthy and alert.  

Music in Year 2

In Year 2 the children have enjoyed playing the glockenspiels, focusing on following the music to ensure they hit the right note. They impressed me with their concentration.

A successful start in Year 2

In Year 2 we have had a wonderful start to the year. As you can see in the pictures below, we have been busy reading, practicing yoga, gymnastics, maths, science and history. What has been your favourite thing about coming back to school?

End of Year 1

Well done to all the children for their hard work, to celebrate we had an end of year party. We had a lovely afternoon dancing, playing games and having lots of fun!

Year 1 artists

We have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, who is an artist that paints flowers. We drew and painted our own flowers following her style of art. The children carefully mixed their colours using black and white, to create different tones.

Strawberries in Year 1

Since our visit to Newbank Garden Centre we have been caring for our strawberry plants. The children wrote some wonderful instructions, how to grow strawberries. After watering them each day and making sure they had sunlight, we have grown some juicy, tasty strawberries!

Year 1 visiting the Garden Centre

Year One enjoyed an exciting trip to Newbank Garden Centre. We had the opportunity to explore different types of plants and trees. The children used their senses to explore the different colours, scents and textures. The children enjoyed smelling all the different herbs. We bought some strawberry and lettuce plants Read more…

Tree detectives

During our science lessons, Year 1 have been learning about plants and today we became tree detectives. We looked around the school grounds, identifying the different types of trees by looking at the leaves. We also learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees.

Computing in Year One

This term in computing, we have been developing our word processing skills. We have been working on using two hands to type and learning how to edit our work. As you can see below, the children loved changing the colour, font and size of their text. Some children even mastered Read more…

Author visiting Year One

Year One were very lucky to welcome the author Anna Lucas into our classroom to share her new book ‘Sir Undercracker’. The children enjoyed listening to the story while joining in with the rhyming pairs and learning some new vocabulary with Anna! Prior to the visit, the children developed questions Read more…

Map work in Year 1

This week we have been discussing maps and when people would use them, the children matched symbols which they might see on maps with landmarks, then challenged themselves to draw the symbols. We enjoyed looking at a local map and following the route we take when walking to school. The Read more…

Our class assembly

This morning Year One performed their class assembly ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’ for our grown ups and the rest of the school. I’m sure you will agree with me that the children were fabulous, acting, speaking and singing! Well done to everybody for a wonderful performance!! Please comment and let us know Read more…