Hand washing

We have been discussing the importance of hand washing and carried out an experiment to demonstrate this. The pepper represents the germs. Wash your hands and stay safe!

Year 4 Electricity @BSW20

Year 4 children have started their new science unit focusing on electricity. On Wednesday we had a science day! First of all, children discussed what is electricity and its purpose. Then we looked at different appliances ordering them into electrical and not electrical and spotted the hazards. After that, we Read more…

Light and Dark @BSW20

This week is British Science Week and in Science we have started our new unit. This term Year 3 are going to be exploring light. First of all, the children identified all that they knew about light. This included why people need to wear sunglasses and how shadows are created. Read more…

Year 6. Science investigation

This afternoon, the children were exploring the question “ Do certain factors affect the spin of a motor?” They planned their experiment and then carried it out, concluding their findings at the end of the lesson. Well done Year 6, some great investigation work.

Exploring Friction

In Science this term, Year 3 are exploring Forces and Magnets. In the lesson this week, they were looking at the force of friction. They had to investigate different surfaces and see which one was the most slippery. The first task was to plan the investigation, which they did as Read more…

Super Science Workshop!

Reception and Key Stage One were amazed this morning by Adrian Bowden who demonstrated some exciting experiments and talked about properties of materials. They tested to see what would be the most waterproof material, discovered what material would make the softest cushion and mixed liquids to create enormous bubbles.

Year 6 are electrifying.

We have been learning about electricity and circuits in science. The children have been exploring circuit diagrams and symbols along with the idea of voltage being shared between the components within a circuit. Some excellent explanations Year 6 using good mathematical knowledge to justify your reasoning. Well done.

Pizza Making in Year 2

We have been developing our understanding of healthy eating and having a balanced diet. We have also been learning about hygiene and the importance of hand washing. To end this topic, the children have designed and made a pizza, taking into consideration their new knowledge.

Materials in Year 1

In Science we have been finding out about materials and their properties. We really enjoyed our material hunt around school! We discussed which materials we could see through, what the materials felt like and what they were made of. We also grouped our materials using sorting hoops. We now understand Read more…

Dirt Pudding

In Science this term, Year 3 have been exploring Rocks and Soils. In today’s lesson the children first learnt about the different layers of rock that make up the earth. Under our feet is a layer of rock. This layer of rock is under every town and city, under fields Read more…


Reception have been exploring signs of Autumn. They have enjoyed investigating conkers and leaves and represented their learning through art work and salt dough shapes. They have learnt about colours associated with Autumn and how colours change.

Year 2 Scientists

Today we completed an experiment to discover the importance of hygiene. We made our own ‘germs’ using glitter and hand sanitizer. Three children had ‘germs’ on their hand and after 5 minutes the ‘germs’ had spread onto everybody else. We demonstrated how ‘germs’ spread when we sneeze and how they Read more…

Mini Beast Hunt in Year 4

Today in science, we went on a mini beast hunt! Linking in with our science topic, ‘Living things and their habitats’ children explored our environmental area for different insects and spiders, both invertebrates and vertebrates. We studied the different habitats and included the five types of our inquiry for our Read more…

Year 6 explore the digestive system.

Today in science we have been learning about the human digestive system. We made our own version with everyday things to represent the different organs ie tights for the intestines and a bag for the stomach. Lots of giggles and mess but also lots of learning. Well done year 6

Grouping Rocks

In Science this term Year 3 are investigating rocks. In the first lesson they found out about man-made and natural rocks and were able to categorise a range of examples. This week they have been grouping rocks based on different properties. There were four different properties they looked at: Hard Read more…

Year 6 Science – The Heart

This half term, our science topic is based on animals and humans. Today’s focus was on the heart and its important role within our body. The children enjoyed learning about how our heart works and most of them enjoyed exploring a real lambs heart.