On the Lake

This morning our Year 6 pupils have been out on the lake at Robinwood. First they mastered the paddle to control their canoes before designing building and testing their rafts on the water. it was a wet start to the day but a very enjoyable end to a fantastic weekend. Read more…

Year 6 work with #Thrive

Over the last 2 days, year 6 have taken part in a number of workshops which were led by the #Thrive team. The children explored a range of themes such as emotions and feelings, self esteem and confidence, communication and resilience.

Year 6 Puberty Talk

Year 6 had a visit from Steph and Laura, nurses from the NHS, to talk to them about growing up and the changes their body will go through. We had lots of laughs along the way with what can be a very embarrassing subject for some children.

Year 6 – Maths Reasoning

Today year 6 started off on their reasoning journey. Reasoning and word problems are a normal part of our maths lessons but every Friday, we will be taking part in a special reasoning lesson. This lesson consists of the children solving a range of problems using a range of strategies. Read more…

Staying for lunch!

Reception have settled really well into their lunch time routine. They are confident speaking with Mrs Cassidy at the dinner hatch and are all trying new food with their friends. Today they all ventured out into the big playground and met up with their Year 6 buddies.


Conquer your fear of the dark and those confined spaces as you navigate the Robinwood caves! Dune Team   Lava Team went caving in the dark. The only pictures we could get were on the CCTV.