Noah’s Ark

Reception have listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and created their own collages. They made promises just as God made a promise at the end of the story….I wonder if they will keep them!!

Experience Easter

Today Year 4 went to St George’s Church to take part in ‘Experience Easter’. During the session they went to different stations around the church which explained about the Easter story. The children learnt lots and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also talked about our RE topic of ‘forgiveness’ and how Read more…

The Nativity

This week Reception have impressed everybody with their wonderful performance of the Nativity. They narrated, sang and acted out confidently and with huge smiles on their faces! Well done Reception, we are all very proud of you!

Christingle 2018

On Wednesday evening this week our pupils shined at the annual Christingle service at St George’s church. The service, led by Rev. Banks was exceptionally well attended and our pupils, who led parts of the service in song and prayer were amazing. Well done to everyone who took part!  

Happy Diwali!

Year 5 have been studying Hinduism in RE this term and they have been looking at one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali. Children have looked at the Festival of Lights and the celebratory events across the world that take place every autumn. The festival is celebrated Read more…

The Good Samaritan

Year Two children have been learning about Christianity in RE. The parable we looked at today was ‘The Good Samaritan’. We looked at different situations relevant to today and discussed what we would do. The children had some super ideas. When asked what they could do if they won the Read more…

Noah’s Ark

Reception have been enjoying the Bible story Noah’s Ark. They decided to create a piece of art work using bubble prints and pastels. The children then wrote promises just as God promised Noah by sending a rainbow.

Christingle 2017

This evening, the pupils of Heap Bridge led the community in song and prayer during St George’s Church annual Christingle service. Thank you to Rev. Susan, St George’s church and all our pupils and parents for making tonight such a wonderful community service.

Noah’s Ark

Reception have been listening to stories from the Bible. They enjoyed hearing some miracle stories from the New Testament and Noah’s Ark from the Old Testament. They wrote their own promises and experimented with bubbles and pastels to create the effect of the rainbow and water on their work.