Year 4 Sleepover

Last night, Year 4 had their school sleepover; although I’m not sure how was much sleeping was involved… The evening began with shelter building – they had to build a shelter that was big enough for their whole team to fit and eat their supper. They found it quite challenging Read more…

Tree detectives

During our science lessons, Year 1 have been learning about plants and today we became tree detectives. We looked around the school grounds, identifying the different types of trees by looking at the leaves. We also learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees.

Recycling Champions

Our ‘Recycling Champions’ from classes 2,3 and 4, have begun a composting project at school. Food waste from playtimes is being collected and composted. This organic compost will be eventually used in the planters around school. The Recycling Champions introduced their initiative in a whole school assembly.

Our Eco Group

Our Eco Reps have already begun a huge task–to eradicate the invasive plant ‘Himalayan balsam’ from our area. This plant is a huge pest in our countryside, competing with local plants for space. Well done to our Eco Group for a huge effort!

On the Lake

This morning our Year 6 pupils have been out on the lake at Robinwood. First they mastered the paddle to control their canoes before designing building and testing their rafts on the water. it was a wet start to the day but a very enjoyable end to a fantastic weekend. Read more…

Zip Wire

The first activity of the weekend was the infamous zip wire. Children battled their nerves to climb the tower before launching themselves off for the thrilling ride down… Well done everyone!!!