A successful start in Year 2

In Year 2 we have had a wonderful start to the year. As you can see in the pictures below, we have been busy reading, practicing yoga, gymnastics, maths, science and history. What has been your favourite thing about coming back to school?

Year 6 Maths

Who says revision can’t be fun. This week we have been consolidating our understanding of fractions and how to calculate them. Working with fractions is always an area that the children feel less confident with but this week they have shown a fantastic understanding of the areas covered. Well done Read more…

Year 6 Algebra week

This week in maths, Mrs Grugel’s group have been learning about algebra. The children have completed a range of activities, games and puzzles to explore BIDMAS, substitution and simplifying equations, simultaneous equations and how to find the nth term. Great work Year 6.  

Division in Year 3

Year 3 have been working hard in Maths this half-term and the focus so far has been on multiplication and division. In today’s lesson they were learning about division with remainders. To do this, they had to explore how many squares they could make out of 13 lollipop sticks; the Read more…

What is 5?

Reception children have been investigating different ways to represent 5. They are confident using Numicon shapes and are now partitioning 5 into two groups using a lots of different resources.  


Year One have been working with a variety of concrete resources in mathematics, helping us to develop our understanding of number bonds. We have been also been understanding that calculations can be written in many ways. We showed our calculations in a part, part whole model, bar model and also Read more…

Fabulous fireworks

Reception have produced some wonderful writing about fireworks. They created rockets from a cone and a cylinder and even made their own backing paper in the form of Jackson Pollock!

Number bonds

Children have been working really hard to master the skills on their maths passports. Using the support of numicon the children have been developing their understanding of number bonds to 10. You can practise your number bonds to 10 at home using the song ‘Farmer Pete’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poJmS5iWfEs

Measurement in Year One

This week Year One have been developing accuracy when measuring. We have been looking at capacity, length and weight. The children recorded their results and applied their knowledge into solving measurement problems.    

Year One Mathematicians

This week Year one have been working extremely hard to master multiplication. We have used a variety of concrete objects including numicon and cuisenaire rods. Some children developed the skill of using arrays to solve their multiplication sums. Other children challenged themselves to solve problems which included completing multiplications of 2’s, Read more…

Year 3 Money Investigations

This week Year 3 have been working with pounds and pence. They have used coins, menus and price lists to work out the cost of items, how much it would be for a shopping list and how much change they would receive from different pound notes.