Year 6 Halloween french lesson

In our french lesson today, we made the most of Halloween by reading french recipes to create a spoooky treat. The children were surprised at just how much of the text they understood. We also created some haunted mansion poems.

Dans ma ville

In year 5, children have been practising their French learning about places in their town. We listened to lots of audio clips to support our speaking and listening and then went onto identifying the different places in our town. Then, we started to construct and write our own sentences in Read more…

Year 5 French

This afternoon, Year 5 have been reading and writing french phrases about animals and colours. Children have been practising their speaking and listening skills, recognising key words in French in order to translate to English and vice versa. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this afternoon   Read more…

Year 5 French

This afternoon in French, Year 5 have been practicing their speaking and listening skills. Firstly, children noted down their conversation focusing on these key questions: How are you? Where do you live? What’s your favourite animal? What’s your favourite colour? Then, children put their conversation into practice. Take a look Read more…

Year 5 French. Tu as un animal?

Today in French, Year 5 children have been focusing on animals. They identified the different animals in French and then the children engaged in conversations; asking and answering questions; expressing their opinions and responding to their partner. Voici quelques vidéos