Sign Language

Class 4 had two special visitors this week. Mrs Hatton and her granddaughter came in to teach us SSE sign language (Sign Supported English). Mrs Hatton uses Sign Language to communicate and has taught sign language for many years. Mrs Hatton taught us to finger spell and also various signs including Read more…

Being Yourself

Class One enjoyed looking at the book ‘Introducing Teddy’. A heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance. We discussed the importance of being yourself accepting people for who they are.

Building acceptance

Teaching about difference could eventually eradicate stigma that comes with feeling different. Class 6 have been discussing books that relate to Gender Stereotyping, identity crisis and diversity. We also held a discussion about using vocabulary appropriately to avoid upset and offence. ‘We have a duty to nurture every child and Read more…

Chinese New Year

Today Reception listened to Ena’s mum talk about Chinese new year and how it is celebrated by her family. The children enjoyed hearing the drums and seeing some of the beautiful clothes that are worn for this special occasion. They held dragons and looked at the red money wallets given Read more…

PSHCE British Values

In PSHCE we are looking at British Values, starting with Democracy. We have  discussed examples of democracy that we have in school. The word democracy literally means ‘rule by the people’ it is derived from the  Greek words demos (people) and kratos (rule). Involving children in their own learning process Read more…

A Pea Called Mildred

This week in PSHCE we have been talking about how we can fulfil  ‘Our Hopes and Dreams’ .We read and discussed the book ‘A Pea Called Mildred’ . When you encounter all sorts of adversity, do not abandon your dreams, just put more energy into them. Do not put up with unfilled Read more…


Reception have enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made Diwa pots to decorate the classroom for the festival of light. They have created  Rangoli patterns outside and painted plates in preparation for making Diwa candles.

Year 6 Puberty Talk

Year 6 had a visit from Steph and Laura, nurses from the NHS, to talk to them about growing up and the changes their body will go through. We had lots of laughs along the way with what can be a very embarrassing subject for some children.

Be Yourself

In PSHCE with Mrs Fielding, Year 4 have been discussing people’s differences and this week they read three stories which link in with this. In each of these stories the characters felt and acted differently to how people expected them to. There was a crayon who was red on the outside Read more…


    Year 1 enjoyed an activity with Mrs Castle, watching a video about diversity, culture and differences and then discussed these differences amongst each other. We listened to the story ‘It’s okay to be different – Todd Parr’. The children engaged in discussion about how to embrace changes and Read more…

Noah’s Ark

Reception have been listening to stories from the Bible. They enjoyed hearing some miracle stories from the New Testament and Noah’s Ark from the Old Testament. They wrote their own promises and experimented with bubbles and pastels to create the effect of the rainbow and water on their work. 

Easter in Year One

We have been learning about the Easter Story.  We worked hard to retell the story, thinking about the beginning, middle and end. We have played games of ‘phonic bingo’ too, the lucky winners won chocolate Easter eggs! Year One have also made Easter cards, we wish you a very happy Easter, Read more…

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

 Reception children have had a busy week learning all about Chinese New Year. They have enjoyed tasting food, making dragons,writing Chinese symbols and even performed a dragon dance with their very own dragon. We were so interested to listen to Ena’s mum talk about celebrations in her family and look Read more…

Shine star, Shine

Reception certainly did shine this morning during their final production of their nativity. The narrators were loud and clear and everybody sang beautifully. I am sure there was not a dry eye in the room-well done Reception, you were fantastic!


Last night a group of Heap Bridge pupils helped Rev. Susan lead the local community in song and prayer throughout this year’s Christingle service. The church was packed with pupils, parents and the local community all coming together. We think it was probably the best Christingle service yet!