Recycling talk in Year 5

This afternoon, year 5 children had a visit from Recycle For Life from Rochdale Borough Council as part of the Recycle4schools programme. Children learnt lots about recycling! They looked at which bin is for which material and took part in an activity sorting waste items into the correct household bins. Read more…

Recycling Champions

Our ‘Recycling Champions’ from classes 2,3 and 4, have begun a composting project at school. Food waste from playtimes is being collected and composted. This organic compost will be eventually used in the planters around school. The Recycling Champions introduced their initiative in a whole school assembly.

Our Eco Group

Our Eco Reps have already begun a huge task–to eradicate the invasive plant ‘Himalayan balsam’ from our area. This plant is a huge pest in our countryside, competing with local plants for space. Well done to our Eco Group for a huge effort!

Year 5 Recycle4Schools Talk

This morning, Year 5 children had a visit from Rochdale Recycling Team. Children learnt about the different recycling bins and took part in many activities and quizzes. The children learnt a lot about recycling and will now take part in the recycling challenge. Further information about this can be found on Read more…

Assembly with @RNLI

This morning we were visited by Jonothan from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute to discuss the importance of water safety with the children. He covered important topics such as beach safety and staying safe around local water sources such as the canal, reservoirs and rivers.