Christingle 2018

On Wednesday evening this week our pupils shined at the annual Christingle service at St George’s church. The service, led by Rev. Banks was exceptionally well attended and our pupils, who led parts of the service in song and prayer were amazing. Well done to everyone who took part!  

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Last week we were very busy organising a party for Harry and Meghan. We made Union Jack flags, Wedding cards, created menus for the party and designed wedding cakes! On Friday we had a dinner party outside in the glorious sunshine, Congratulations to Harry and Meghan!

Being Yourself

Class One enjoyed looking at the book ‘Introducing Teddy’. A heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance. We discussed the importance of being yourself accepting people for who they are.

Building acceptance

Teaching about difference could eventually eradicate stigma that comes with feeling different. Class 6 have been discussing books that relate to Gender Stereotyping, identity crisis and diversity. We also held a discussion about using vocabulary appropriately to avoid upset and offence. ‘We have a duty to nurture every child and Read more…

Rule of Law

Rules exist to make your life better. Living in a world which is safe, fair and organised is far more likely to make us happy than living in one which is dangerous, unfair and chaotic. In year one and two  we have been looking at rules and the importance of Read more…

Celebrating Chinese new year

In preparation for Chinese new year next week Reception have been learning about the story of the 12 animals and how people celebrate. We have written and painted Chinese symbols, used chopsticks and even enjoyed our own dragon dance!

PSHCE British Values

In PSHCE we are looking at British Values, starting with Democracy. We have  discussed examples of democracy that we have in school. The word democracy literally means ‘rule by the people’ it is derived from the  Greek words demos (people) and kratos (rule). Involving children in their own learning process Read more…

Christingle 2017

This evening, the pupils of Heap Bridge led the community in song and prayer during St George’s Church annual Christingle service. Thank you to Rev. Susan, St George’s church and all our pupils and parents for making tonight such a wonderful community service.


This week we enjoyed our annual Harvest assembly led by Reverend Susan. A huge thank you to everybody who brought food donations for the Heywood food bank, our harvest table was full of wonderful gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves.    

Sports Day 2017

This year we enjoyed a sports day like no other. Mr Tomkins and Mrs Wallsworth organised the best sporting event we have ever taken part in. The whole school set out this morning to the Etihad Athletics Stadium in Manchester. Our special guest was Badminton champion, Jenny Wallwork who led our badminton Read more…

Noah’s Ark

Reception have been listening to stories from the Bible. They enjoyed hearing some miracle stories from the New Testament and Noah’s Ark from the Old Testament. They wrote their own promises and experimented with bubbles and pastels to create the effect of the rainbow and water on their work.