Sculpture in Year 2

This term in art we are learning about the work of Pippa Hill, this week we have been practicing our techniques; rolling, pulling, carving, creating holes and joining the clay. We will be designing and making our own sculptures.

Making a Christmas decoration

In Year 2 we have been getting ready for Christmas, whilst developing our understanding of writing instructions. We have made Christmas decorations to make our classroom tree look beautiful, follow our instructions below if you would also like to make Christmas decorations for your tree.

Islamic art – Year 5

This half term, we have been exploring different styles of Islamic art. Our main concentration has been on geometric patterns, we researched different patterns and then used this to create our own patterns. Once we had designed our pattern we created a tile, using clay, that included our geometric design. Read more…

Silhouette Artwork

In Art we have been looking at silhouette artwork. First we looked at different examples of silhouette photography and discussed what a silhouette was and how this was created. In the next couple of weeks we will be creating some silhouette artwork of Stonehenge using pastels, but in this session Read more…

Year 6 Courtroom Art

Today we have been looking at how courtroom artists quickly sketch images of people and then add shading to bring them to life. We had a go at some of our own courtroom art. Mrs Grugel thinks the children have done an amazing job. Well done Year 6.

Year 6 Art work

This half term, we are working on our sketching skills with a focus on drawing people and faces in preparation for our court room artwork. Today, the children had to work hard to think about proportion and symmetry along with shading. I think these are excellent Year 6 and look Read more…

Year 1 artists

We have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, who is an artist that paints flowers. We drew and painted our own flowers following her style of art. The children carefully mixed their colours using black and white, to create different tones.

Designing a mask

Today, year 5 children have been researching Egyptian masks linking to mummification and the afterlife that I have learnt in our topic work. Then, they chose a design to help them create their very own masks. Some super ideas Year 5- take a look!

Noah’s Ark

Reception have listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and created their own collages. They made promises just as God made a promise at the end of the story….I wonder if they will keep them!!

Paper Weaving in Year Two

Paper Weaving We have been working on an art project on weaving. Inspired by work from artists Josef Albers, Julie Von DerVellen and Toni George. We practised first of all using straight, curved and zigzag cut base boards. We then planned and made an underwater scene.

Egyptian Necklaces in Year 5.

In art this week, year 5 have designed and created their own necklaces. For noble Egyptians, like queens and pharaohs, the Egyptian jewelry was made from precious metals, minerals, gems, and coloured glass. While others wore, jewelry made from rocks, bones, clay, animal teeth, and shells. We used a range of materials Read more…

Mosaics in Year 3

This half-term, year 3’s Art unit is ‘Mosaics’ which links in with their Topic unit; ‘The Romans’. To begin with, they coloured in images and patterns printed on to a mosaic grid and then they had a go at designing their own. When they were happy with their design, they Read more…

Water Colour Painting in Year Two

Thursday 14th February We have been learning how to use water colour paints in Year Two. After several skills lessons when we practised painting with colour washes, wet on wet and wet on dry, we began work on our final piece: a big cat painting! When the background washes have Read more…

Year One WTLT

On Friday in Year One we had our WTLT day, we welcomed parents and grandparents in our classroom to help their children with art and design. We have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who is an Italian painter. After looking at his art work and discussing our opinions, the children Read more…

Year 5 art work

This week in art, Year 5 children have experimenting with and using pastels to create some beautiful work on The Wonders of North America including: The Rocky Mountains, Death Valley, Dominican Republic beach (Samana Peninsula,) Mississippi River, Redwood Forest and Mount McKinley. This art project links to our topic on Read more…

Anselm Kiefer Art

This term in Art we are looking at different European artists, to link into our Geography topic of Europe. In the first few lessons we have looked at Anselm Kiefer. He was born in Germany at the end of the Second World War and the broken buildings that he grew up Read more…

Year One Art

This term we have been learning about an Italian artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. In relation to his work we have been looking at different fruits, the children tasted some different fruits and gave their opinions on these, developing adjectives. The children carefully looked at the shape of the fruits and Read more…