World book day in Year 6

A day to celebrate books and a love of reading. We started the day off by reading our bookflix book with some juice and a biscuit. The children then took part in a range of activities across the morning from author studies to book day maths problems. Well done Year Read more…

Year 6. Science investigation

This afternoon, the children were exploring the question “ Do certain factors affect the spin of a motor?” They planned their experiment and then carried it out, concluding their findings at the end of the lesson. Well done Year 6, some great investigation work.

The police visit Year 6

Following on from our work earlier in the Autumn term at Crucial Crew, today We had a visit from our neighbourhood police team. They spoke to the children about issues such as knife crime, anti social, hate and criminal behaviour and about issues such as peer pressure and consequences following Read more…

Year 6 are electrifying.

We have been learning about electricity and circuits in science. The children have been exploring circuit diagrams and symbols along with the idea of voltage being shared between the components within a circuit. Some excellent explanations Year 6 using good mathematical knowledge to justify your reasoning. Well done.

Year 6 explore volcanoes.

As part of our extreme earth topic, this week we have been learning about volcanoes. The recent eruption on White Island in New Zealand has really captured the interest of the children and they have enjoyed learning about volcanoes around the world. We couldn’t learn about volcanoes though without having Read more…

Year 6 – Extreme weather hunt

This afternoon, we went outside on a fact hunt about extreme weather across the world. The children found out lots of facts about the coldest and hottest country and about key rainforests and rainfall. The children then used these facts to label a map of the world.

Bonfire Night poetry in Year 6.

The children have been learning about similes, metaphors and personification in our poetry work this week so we used our skills to write about November 5th and bonfire night. I really enjoyed reading your poems Year 6, some fantastic imagery.

Year 6 Courtroom Art

Today we have been looking at how courtroom artists quickly sketch images of people and then add shading to bring them to life. We had a go at some of our own courtroom art. Mrs Grugel thinks the children have done an amazing job. Well done Year 6.

Year 5 scratch maze

This week, in Computing, we have been using scratch to develop our programming skills. We used our skills to create a maze game. The children worked really hard to write a programming script and identify programming errors. We also got the chance to try each others’ maze games. Here is Read more…

Year 6 explore the digestive system.

Today in science we have been learning about the human digestive system. We made our own version with everyday things to represent the different organs ie tights for the intestines and a bag for the stomach. Lots of giggles and mess but also lots of learning. Well done year 6

Year 6 scratch quiz

This week in ICT we have been using scratch to create a question and answer quiz. The children have worked really hard to write a programming script and identify programming errors. Here are just a few for you to try.  

Year 6 Science – The Heart

This half term, our science topic is based on animals and humans. Today’s focus was on the heart and its important role within our body. The children enjoyed learning about how our heart works and most of them enjoyed exploring a real lambs heart.

Year 6 Art work

This half term, we are working on our sketching skills with a focus on drawing people and faces in preparation for our court room artwork. Today, the children had to work hard to think about proportion and symmetry along with shading. I think these are excellent Year 6 and look Read more…