Paper Weaving in Year Two

Paper Weaving We have been working on an art project on weaving. Inspired by work from artists Josef Albers, Julie Von DerVellen and Toni George. We practised first of all using straight, curved and zigzag cut base boards. We then planned and made an underwater scene.

Pond Dipping in Year Two

22nd May 2019 We have all had a chance to pond dip in our school pond. We used special equipment to catch the little creatures and keep them safe whilst we studied them. We found lots of sludge worms, water lice and ramshorn snails. We were delighted to find two Read more…

Literacy Fun!

Year Two had a fantastic morning with Anna Lucas.Anna is a real author who came into school to read her new book, ‘Sir Undercracker’. We all enjoyed a fantastic story session with lots of actions, learning super, new vocabulary along the way. Anna talked us through the process of writing Read more…

Water Colour Painting in Year Two

Thursday 14th February We have been learning how to use water colour paints in Year Two. After several skills lessons when we practised painting with colour washes, wet on wet and wet on dry, we began work on our final piece: a big cat painting! When the background washes have Read more…

E safety in Year Two

E Safety Children in Year Two have been learning how to keep themselves safe on line. We have created posters, ‘Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe!’ These include the importance of keeping passwords, personal information, key pad codes, photographs and social media accounts safe and secure. We have practised using Read more…

Key Stage 1 Christmas Play

The Key Stage One Christmas play, ‘The Inn-Spectors’ was performed for parents last week. We are all very proud of our talented pupils who worked extremely hard to make the play a huge success.

Recycling Champions

Our ‘Recycling Champions’ from classes 2,3 and 4, have begun a composting project at school. Food waste from playtimes is being collected and composted. This organic compost will be eventually used in the planters around school. The Recycling Champions introduced their initiative in a whole school assembly.

Our Eco Group

Our Eco Reps have already begun a huge task–to eradicate the invasive plant ‘Himalayan balsam’ from our area. This plant is a huge pest in our countryside, competing with local plants for space. Well done to our Eco Group for a huge effort!

The Good Samaritan

Year Two children have been learning about Christianity in RE. The parable we looked at today was ‘The Good Samaritan’. We looked at different situations relevant to today and discussed what we would do. The children had some super ideas. When asked what they could do if they won the Read more…

Our Trip to Martin Mere

Class Two had a very successful trip to Martin Mere Wetland Centre. Our first activity was pond dipping. We found lots of fascinating creatures in the ponds and learnt about diet and food chains. The children used special equipment to catch the pond life and identification charts to name our Read more…

Year Two Dancing Raisins

We have been investigating whether raisins float or sink in still water and fizzy water. We were amazed to find that in the fizzy water they danced up and down! The Science Bit In the still cup, the raisins sank because the raisin is denser than the water. In the Read more…

Year Two Scientists

Floating and Sinking. We have been looking at different types of materials in science. In our experiment we have been looking at whether materials float or sink. We all predicted what we thought would happen first and then completed our experiment to check if we were right. We concluded that Read more…

Making Clay Tiles

Friday 9th February 2018 In Year Two we have been inspired by ancient stone sculptures and by the work of Samuel Lingwood and Pippa Hill to make our own clay sculptures. We used our water colour sketches of cats as a starting point.

Multi Media Cats

Friday 26th January In class Two we have been reading ‘The Midnight Tiger’ story by Gillian Lobel. We used this text to inspire our own big cat images to match our written work. We constructed our pictures in three stages. First we made a pencil sketch of our cat’s face. Read more…

Year 2 Christmas party

Year 2 have enjoyed their Christmas party this afternoon. We are all ready to go in our Christmas crowns. We had fun playing corners, music statues and music bumps. We finished our afternoon with party food and a game of pass the parcel.


Year Two Literacy Work We have been working on instructions this week. Some children have been following written instructions with diagrams to make origami animals. Others have been playing ‘The Barrier Game’ which involves giving and following precise instructions.

Computer Programming

Year Two children have been creating digital animations using the Scratch program. We have created a series of backgrounds and moving sprites.  Digital leaders from K.S.2 came to help the children create their animations.