Reception have enjoyed a wide range of stories about Superheroes including ‘Supertato’ and ‘Superkid’. They created their own ‘Supertato’ vegetables, counted out how many Evil Peas there were and wrote some wonderful sentences about how the trapped vegetables could be feeling.

Chinese New Year

Reception have been learning about celebrations around the world. This week they have listened to the story of The Great Race and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. They created dragons, lanterns, painted Chinese numbers and tasted some noodles and crackers. Thank you to Jenna for the extra treats brought Read more…

Super Science Workshop!

Reception and Key Stage One were amazed this morning by Adrian Bowden who demonstrated some exciting experiments and talked about properties of materials. They tested to see what would be the most waterproof material, discovered what material would make the softest cushion and mixed liquids to create enormous bubbles.

Party time!

Reception and Year one enjoyed a lovely morning of Christmas crafts in preparation for their party afternoon. Thank you very much to the PTA for their kind donations towards all the food and drink for the children. Everybody had a great time!

Shine Star, Shine!

Reception have amazed their parents and grandparents with their wonderful performances of ‘Shine Star, Shine’. All the children enjoyed themselves and spoke clearly, sang beautifully and acted out the story well. Mrs Brierley is extremely proud of everyone, well done Reception!

The Gruffalo

Reception are enjoying reading one of their Bookflix stories this week. They have learned what a speech bubble is used for and created their own sentences about each character, used the laptops to draw the Gruffalo and even made some Gruffalo paw biscuits. What a busy few days learning in Read more…


Reception have been exploring signs of Autumn. They have enjoyed investigating conkers and leaves and represented their learning through art work and salt dough shapes. They have learnt about colours associated with Autumn and how colours change.

Reception meet their buddies

All our children now have a Year 6 buddy who will support them during their first year at school. Today they enjoyed showing their buddies their  classroom and getting to know them. Throughout the year buddies will play with them at lunchtimes, share stories and reading books and practice their Read more…

Noah’s Ark

Reception have listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and created their own collages. They made promises just as God made a promise at the end of the story….I wonder if they will keep them!!

Reflecting on our learning

The reception children had a lovely afternoon looking back over the last year and talking about everything they had enjoyed learning. They explored the big books about the different areas of the curriculum and looked at photographs of all the activities they had taken part in.

Jack and the Beanstalk Assembly

Reception performed in front of parents and grandparents this morning. I was incredibly proud of how confidently the children spoke and led the assembly without any prompting. Thank you to all the parents that came to watch, I am sure you all enjoyed it as much as the children did.