Year 4 Letters to Santa

This week, year 4 children have written their letters to Santa. They have asked for lots of lovely presents because they have been very good helping their mums and dads and working super hard in class. Have a look at their letters below:

Asda Community Christmas Workshop

This morning, year 4 enjoyed working with Jill from Asda creating Christmas paper chains, decorating their very own Christmas boxes and designing Christmas cards. A big thank you to Asda and Jill for coming in this morning to work with us. The children really enjoyed themselves getting into the Christmas Read more…

Year 4 Computing.

In Year 4, we have been programming our very own Spirographs using Scratch. We built on our previous programming knowledge from year 3 using the Etch-A-Sketch programme. Try out some of our designs below by clicking the green flag and ‘p’ to put the pen down to draw a colourful Read more…

Mini Beast Hunt in Year 4

Today in science, we went on a mini beast hunt! Linking in with our science topic, ‘Living things and their habitats’ children explored our environmental area for different insects and spiders, both invertebrates and vertebrates. We studied the different habitats and included the five types of our inquiry for our Read more…

Year 5 Memory Poems

Today, year 5 have written some fantastic poems reminiscing about their time in year 5. I thought it was important to take this opportunity to share our happy memories with everyone and publish our very last blog for this year. Take a look at their excellent poems below.

Designing a mask

Today, year 5 children have been researching Egyptian masks linking to mummification and the afterlife that I have learnt in our topic work. Then, they chose a design to help them create their very own masks. Some super ideas Year 5- take a look!