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Fabulous fireworks

Reception have produced some wonderful writing about fireworks. They created rockets from a cone and a cylinder and even made their own backing paper in the form of Jackson Pollock!


Year 5 Forces in Action

Year 5 have been investigating upthrust and gravity, focusing on the weight of different objects in water. Firstly, we carried out several fair tests on the weight of different objects in and out of water Read more…



In Year 4 we are writing a spooky story linked to Halloween. Our two characters Luca and Jack go and explore a haunted house, but what danger and scary events lie ahead of them? Last week Read more…


Year 3 Investigate Rocks

Last week, Year 3 began their Science unit for this half-term – ‘Rocks’. They identified the three types of rocks and learnt about how they are formed. Today, they carried out an investigation to explore Read more…


Remember, remember the 5th of November!

Today, year 5 have written some fantastic firework poems. Children used many literary features to add imagery to their poems including: personification, similes, onomatopoeia and metaphors. Take a look at their excellent work below


Year 5 French

This afternoon, Year 5 have been reading and writing french phrases about animals and colours. Children have been practising their speaking and listening skills, recognising key words in French in order to translate to English Read more…