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Programming Standards

Year 5

Children recognise the need for an effective algorithm to achieve a specific outcome. They understand that efficient procedures are important for effective outcomes. Children begin to recognise the need to break problems up into smaller parts to achieve a solution. Children recognise that sensing change can be used to begin an action. Children begin to understand the need for logical reasoning to detect and correct errors in a program. Children recognise a variable in an algorithm or program and begin to understand why it is needed.

  • Explore procedures using repeat to achieve solutions to problems using Scratch or Kodu
  • Talk about procedures as parts of a program
  • Refine procedures to improve efficiency
  • Use variables and operators to develop complexity in program functions
  • Explore instructions to control software or hardware with an input and using if... then... commands
  • Explore a computer model to control a physical system
  • Change inputs on a model to achieve different outputs
  • Refine and extend a program
  • Identify difficulties and articulate a solution for errors in a program
  • Write down the steps required (an algorithm) to achieve the outcome that is wanted and refer to this when programming

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