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Programming Standards

Year 4

Children begin to understand that efficient programming is important for effective outcomes. They understand that the use of repetition will make programs more efficient. They begin to recognise that sensing a change can cause an outcome. Children understand the need for planning an algorithm and a programming sequence to achieve an outcome. They recognise the need to test and step through program sequences to spot where errors may have occurred.

  • Create and edit procedures typing logo/Scratch commands including pen up, pen down and changing the trail of the turtle/sprite
  • Use sensors to ‘trigger’ an action such as turning the lights on using Probot if it ‘goes through a tunnel’, or reversing if it touches something or simulated sensor commands in a Scratch programme
  • Solve open-ended problems with software (Scratch) using efficient procedures to create shapes and letters (introducing the idea of variables and operators
  • Experience a variety of resources to extend understanding and knowledge of programming
  • Create an algorithm and a program that will use a simple selection command for a game
  • Begin to correct errors (debug) as they program devices and actions on screen
  • Use an algorithm to sequence more complex programming into order
  • Link the use of algorithms to solve problems to work in Mathematics, Science and Design and Technology
  • Identify bugs in programs


Etch a sketch