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Programming Standards

Below is a collection of children's work which gives an overview of the standrs across the school in computer programming. The examples given are predominantly through the use of the Open Source programme 'Scratch'.  Scratch can be downloaded free of charge (PC/laptop only). The work on this page can also be viewed on the Scratch website on our user page. The advantage of this is that you'll get to see the coding behind the programmes children have created.


Year 3

Children understand what an algorithm is and recognise that different sequences of actions can achieve the same outcome. Children recognise repeat instructions. Children recognise that errors can occur when writing a program and understand the need to test planned sequences of actions.

  • Plan and enter a sequence of instructions specifying distance and turn to achieve specific outcomes, debug the sequence where necessary
  • Test and improve / debug programmed sequences
  • Begin to type logo commands to achieve outcomes
  • Explore outcomes when giving sequences of instructions in logo software
  • Use repeat to achieve solutions to tasks
  • Solve open-ended problems (with a floor robot/ Logo /Scratch) including creating simple regular polygons, making sounds and planning movements such as a dance
  • Create an algorithm to model a simple process using Scratch
  • Sequence pre-written lines of programming into order and talk about algorithms planned by others and identify any problems and the expected outcome


Etch a sketch



Fish tank Aquarium