This week in our maths lessons we have been learning all about fractions. We have been learning to divide shapes, numbers and groups of objects into halves and quarters.

By Miss Morris, ago

E-Safety Day

This term we have been learning about E-Safety. I asked the children if they would share personal information online and this was their response. Only two children said that they wouldn’t. After a discussion about keeping safe Read more…

By Miss Morris, ago


In Maths this week, Year 1 have been learning all about shapes. We were able to name the shapes and identified their properties. The children used play dough to create their own 2D shapes and worked Read more…

By Miss Morris, ago

Pop Art

This term in Art Year One have been learning about the artist Andy Warhol. Whilst researching the artist we noticed that a lot of his art work are portraits. The children worked very hard to complete self-portraits, identifying Read more…

By Miss Morris, ago

Exploring our senses!

This week in our science lesson, Year 1 developed knowledge and understanding of their senses. We had different stations around the classroom, allowing the children to explore and describe using their senses.  

By Miss Morris, ago
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