Measurement in Year One

This week Year One have been developing accuracy when measuring. We have been looking at capacity, length and weight. The children recorded their results and applied their knowledge into solving measurement problems.    

By Miss Morris, ago
British Values

Being Yourself

Class One enjoyed looking at the book ‘Introducing Teddy’. A heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance. We discussed the importance of being yourself accepting people for who they are.

By Mrs Fielding, ago


This week in our maths lessons we have been learning all about fractions. We have been learning to divide shapes, numbers and groups of objects into halves and quarters.

By Miss Morris, ago

E-Safety Day

This term we have been learning about E-Safety. I asked the children if they would share personal information online and this was their response. Only two children said that they wouldn’t. After a discussion about keeping safe Read more…

By Miss Morris, ago
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