Year 5 French

This afternoon, Year 5 have been reading and writing french phrases about animals and colours. Children have been practising their speaking and listening skills, recognising key words in French in order to translate to English and vice versa. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this afternoon   Read more…


Lucian Freud Year 5 art work

Year 5 have been studying the British artist Lucian Freud. He was most famous for spending a lot of time with the people and animals he painted because he wanted to get to know them well, so he could show and express their personalities through his work. Over the past Read more…


Digital Leaders Challenge 2!

Challenge 2 Multimedia. Bronze Level Assist other classes/children develop their multimedia skills. Ask members of staff to help set up lessons and help children and staff with trouble shooting problems. Silver level Create a multimedia document that is composed of multiple media elements of different types (text, image, video, etc) Read more…



Year 5 children have been studying the work of Picasso. They used pastels to create cubism images. Take a look at their excellent art work below


Breaking News!

As part of our Big Writing Adventures, Year 5 have been writing newspaper articles to raise awareness about the forest fires that have been happening in Borneo. Take a look at some of their fantastic work below.      

Religious Education

Happy Diwali!

Year 5 have been studying Hinduism in RE this term and they have been looking at one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali. Children have looked at the Festival of Lights and the celebratory events across the world that take place every autumn. The festival is celebrated Read more…


Year 5 Forces in Action.

Today. year 5 children have been exploring forces in science. Children studied the different forces and then went onto investigate the weight of different objects using a newton meter. Children carried out fair tests, weighing the objects in newtons and then they converted them to grams. Below are some pictures Read more…


Year 4 Sleepover

Last night, Year 4 had their school sleepover; although I’m not sure there was much sleeping involved… The evening began with shelter building – they had to build a shelter that was big enough for their whole team to fit and eat their supper. They found it quite challenging at Read more…


Year 4 Story Writers

In English, Year 4 have been looking at and discussing David Wiesner’s wordless picture book ‘Flotsam’. They have completed some brilliant work based on the book including adding speech for the different characters and writing the story to go along with the illustrations. This week they have written their own sequels to ‘Flotsam’; called Read more…