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Year 4 Class Assembly

Yesterday Year 4 performed their first class assembly of the year to parents and the rest of the school. I’m sure everyone will agree that they put on a fabulous show and their hard work Read more…



This week in PSHCE class 4 read the book ‘A Friend Like Simon’ The book introduces autism and encourages children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist . We also watched a short Read more…


Exploring colour

Reception have been learning about the artist Kandinsky this week and looking at the colours and shapes he used in his work. They have been using fine brushes to replicate his circles painting and enjoyed Read more…


Remembering in Reception

Following on from Remembrance Sunday, Reception have been learning about why see people wearing poppies. They really enjoyed creating their own poppies using allsorts of different materials.


Year 5 Programming – Car Games!

During Autumn term, Year 5 have been programming using Scratch. They have designed their own car games with different levels using variables and different algorithms. Have a go at their games below!


Year 6 Class Assembly

Today we performed our class assembly on the circulatory system to parents and the rest of the school. I’m sure everyone will agree that the children did an excellent job and have excelled in their Read more…

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